Personal Credit Restoration

Your credit is your leverage as more of daily activities revolve around the use of your credit. Credit is more than just your score but also having a healthy profile that will allow you to get approved for the things you desire. Your credit is made up of five major components. These five components are; payment history, credit utilization, credit age, credit mix (types of credit), and new credit accounts. Many people have credit issues and don't realize it can be fixed if they are willing to stick to the process. We have prepared a comprehensive package to assist you with improving your credit but also taking charge of your complete financial portfolio. The first step is to you schedule your credit consultation meeting in which we use credit karma to review your credit profile. If you have negative items that need to be removed we then enroll you into our program. In some cases we have individuals who just need to build their credit and we have the services to assist you with that as well. No matter where you are we have what you need and all you need to do is just make a decision to get started. We have also included a FULL REFUND GUARANTEE if you do not see any results after 180 days (requirements of refund policy will be explained) of using our service. 

Pre-Enrollment Process:

1. Schedule Your Consultation

2. We Review Your Credit Karma Profile

3. We Determine What Services You Need

4. Enroll Into Credit Restoration Program

Credit Restoration Package Includes:

Online Money Manager

Financial Wealth Guide

Credit Building Resources

Credit Score Tracker

Debt Elimination Tool

Credit Score Builder

Identity Theft Protection

$1 Million In Fraud Insurance

Credit Education & Restoration

Text & Email Credit Monitoring Alerts

Daily Credit Monitoring


We Can Help Remove:

Late Payments



Student Loans


Child Support


Medical Bills

Tax Liens

Charge Offs

Pubic Records


Program Cost: 

One Time Setup Fee: $239.00

Monthly Fee: $89/mth

Rent Reporting

Rent Reporting allows renters to report their rent payments to the credit bureau which gives them the ability to increase their credit score. Our program reports to both Transunion and Equifax which helps moves your middle score and improving your chances of approval for financing. Mortgage lenders now look to see if you are reporting your rent payments and if so it could help you qualify for a mortgage. Most mortgage payments are cheaper than rent payments and therefore if it shows you can afford your rent on your credit report then you are more likely to get approved for a mortgage. This program is a  must if you are a renter and easy to use. Once you enroll in the program it simply looks at your bank account to verify the payment amount each month and reports to the credit bureau.

Program Reports To:

Transunion, Equifax, & Experian


Program Cost:

$2.00/mth Current Ongoing Payments

 $25.00 Two Year Past History

*This program captures two years of rent history once you enroll. 

Credit Building Services

In order to build a strong credit profile and score you must utilize various credit tools to achieve your credit goals. We often refer to these tools as tradelines in the credit industry which are tools such as credit cards, lines of credit, secured or unsecured loans, and much more. It doesn't matter if you are repairing your credit or just building it these are tools that you will need to build it. 

Secured Credit Card:

A Secured Credit card is great if you are building or rebuilding your credit. The credit limit of the card is based on the amount of deposit you decided you want to put on the card. Secured Credit Cards usually require a minimum deposit amount and it is best to put that amount on when you get the card to avoid activation fees. 



Unlimited cash back & premium perks

Get unlimited 2% cash back on your favorite brands

2x first year cash back match

No credit check

No impact to your credit score

Graduate to traditional unsecured credit in as far as four months 


2% cah back on things you really buy

1% cash back on all other purchases

2x dollar for dollar match on all cash back at the end of your first year

Cell Phone damage protection (includes stolen and damage (including cracked screens)

Rental Car Insurance for any physical damage and theft to most rental vehicles

Zero Liability for unauthorized purchases you will not be held responsible 

Price Protection on eligible items you will be reimbursed for the difference in price on eligible items should you fine the same item for a lower price

Purchase Assurance provides coverage form most new item purchases that are damaged within 30 days of the date of purchase

How It Works:

1. Put money down and choose your credit limit

2. Spend responsibility and hit milestones to speed up your graduation to unsecured

3. Watch your credit score grow fast. Track your progress in the app with personalized support, and get updates on what really impacts your credit score. 

4. Graduate to unsecured credit in as fast as 4 months, and get 100% of your secured deposit back with no credit check or negative impact to your score. 


Credit Strong:

Credit Strong is a program that allows you to have a loan account reporting each month that will build your credit while the funds remain in a secured account. Once you have completed the payment terms the account is unlocked for you to access. 

Program Cost:




Kikoff is a great program to help build or rebuild your credit. This program allows you to purchase an eBook and make payments of six months on the book. It will report a $500 credit line on your behalf which builds your credit and keeps a low utilization rate on your credit profile. 

Program Cost:

Depends On Book You Select ($2/mth)

Reports To:

Equifax & Experian


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