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Taylor Realty is our real estate company in which we assist individuals who are looking to buy, sell, or invest in a home. We also provide real estate educational programs for first time home buyers and investors earn additional income in real estate. From funding to investing we have everything you need in one place. If you are looking to start a career as a real estate agent we offer discounted training courses to prepare you for your exam and a brokerage to call home. 

Are You Ready To Purchase or Sell Your Home?

Taylor Realty our goal is to provide you with best customer service experience while reaching your goal of buying or selling your home? Let's begin the process with a brief consultation to address your needs and concerns followed by implementing a plan of action.

Home Ownership Buyer Program

Home Ownership can sometimes be an experience that many individuals would like to become educated on before ownership. It many cases credit can also be a factor for preventing individuals from becoming home owners in addition to lack of money management skills. If this fits your current situation we offer a program that allows you to learn every aspect of becoming a home owner, improving your credit, creating a budget, debt elimination strategies, and more. This entire program is designed to prepare you for homeownership. 

Program Includes:

Plan of Action Guide

Qualifying For More House With Less Money

How To Get Qualified Even With A 580 Credit Score

How To Qualify For 6 Grants

Proven Steps For Finding The Right Home For You

10 Things A Real Estate Agent Should Do For Home Buyers

How To Choose The Right Real Estate Agent

First Time Home Buyer Education Guide

Online Budgeting Tool

Debt Elimination Software

Wealth Building Guide

Credit Restoration and Credit Education Guide

Real Estate Investing Education Program

If you're interested in investing in real estate and would like to learn how to start then Real Estate Investing Education Program is for you. We offer a complimentary free course that allows you to being learning the basics of real estate investing. Once you complete this course and you're ready to begin your investment journey we have programs to assist you with one on one coaching and rehab consultation. You can also bypass the free course and get coaching if you desire to if that fits your needs. 

Real Estate Commercial & Investment Funding 

Let us help you get the funding you need for your next investment or commercial project. These loans can be used for fix and flip, new construction, mortgage refinance, and multi-family units. 

Funding Requirements:

Min Credit Score: 620

Min Time In Business: Investor Experience Helps

Min Monthly Rev: N/A

Funding Range: Up To 100 Million

Mortgage Elimination 

Our mortgage program was designed to educate and assist you step by step in paying your mortgage off in 5 to 7 years. This strategy utilizes the Heloc Loan to assist homeowners, investors, or both in paying off their mortgages on properties. We provide you with a free e-book that will educate you about this strategy and empower you to utilize it on your own. However we provide you with more education and assistance when you enroll in our course step by step. 


8 Module 47 Video Course

Recommended Bank List

Personal Concierge

Bank Question List

Group Access

Bonus Videos

Access To Basics U

Avg Mortgage Interest Savings

Home Paid Off In 5 to 7 Years

Use On Multiple Homes For Life


Free E-Book:

Download Our E-Book For Free 


Program Cost:


We providing financing options for this program. 


Mortgage Protection Plan

Our mortgage protection plan puts you in position to ensure your mortgage is taken care of in the event some thing happens. This plan has several features to provide your family with the financial security to live peaceably knowing your home is secure. Please review the features below of Mortgage Protection Plan.


Choice of Beneficiary - You decide who receives the proceeds of this plan in the event of death. You have several options to choose from and here are three of the most popular.

  1. Payoff the mortgage in one lump sum
  2. Payoff a portion of the mortgage and refinance the remainder to get lower payments
  3. Use the death benefit to get more time to sell the house for what it is worth and get more benefit from the equity in the house

Portable - If you sell or buy a new home you can transfer this plan to your new property. This plan will still carry over if you refinance your mortgage to the new mortgage. 

Death Benefit Remains Level - Many mortgage protection plans death benefit decrease with the plan but this plan maintains the same death benefit during the entire length of plan. 

Guaranteed Rates - Premium rates are guaranteed for the full term. 

24 Hour Coverage For Accident or Sickness - Many mortgage protection plans will only pay if death was caused by an accident. This plan will pay regardless if it was caused by accident or sickness. 

Additional Accident Death Benefit & Common Carrier Death Benefit - An additional benefit equal to 50% of your base death benefit will be paid to the beneficiaries if death occurs as a result of an accidental injury. An additional 100% of your base death benefit will be paid to the beneficiaries if death occurs as a result of an accidental injury while riding as a fare-paying passenger or a common carrier.

Living Benefit - You do not have to die for this policy to help protect your family. At NO EXTRA COST benefits are payable chronic, critical, and terminal illness. You can request a full or partial acceleration of your policy's death benefit if the insured suffers from any of the above illness. 

Cash Back Option - You have the option of receiving a FULL REFUND on ALL PREMIUMS that were paid into this policy if you did not receive any benefits during the coverage period. One of the most popular ways of using this benefit is that you receive the CASH BACK option 5 TO 10 YEARS before the end of the mortgage, which you can use to pay off the remainder of the mortgage early. This benefit alone can save you thousands!!!!!

Let's get you and your family protected with our Mortgage Protection Plan by scheduling your consultation today. 


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